Our Story

How it all started...

We started a Bible Study called UNCAGED. Named after a quote from Charles Spurgeon. "The Bible is like a caged lion. It does not need to be defended. It simply needs to be let out of it's cage."
We sought to open up the pages of scripture and unleash it's powerful message.
During that study many of the attendees stated that for them the Bible was coming to life. That's how we got our name. The scriptures were no longer confusing and and faith was growing as the events and stories were becoming tangible.
In the midst of this, the Church we met at was closing. With a Steady Youth Program and the Bible Study growing, and both ministries reaching beyond the attendance of the Church that hosted those programs, a new Church was formed with a mission to rely on the Scriptures as our ultimate authority, and a mission to bring the scriptures to life in a world that has lost their understanding of the beauty and power inside those pages.

What now?...

With no budget or material resources, we decided to plant a Church. We had no place to go and no equipment, but we had a mission. So we searched and prayed. One of our congregation happened to have neighbors who attended and participated at a Church in Gates, NY. They had also attended our Bible study once and put in a good word for us. With that we had a chance. Cornerstone Bible Chapel agreed to rent us space and use of their facility and equipment to host services and events. So with their hospitality and grace and partnership we now meet on Saturday evenings at 6:30 pm for our worship service, Monday at 6:30pm for youth group, and Tuesday evening at 7:00pm for our Uncaged Bible Study at Cornerstone Bible Chapel 3231 Buffalo Rd. Rochester, NY 14624

Where we are headed...

While we can't tell the future, we can choose our compass. In uncharted waters we will let Scripture be our guide. We need help, as we are just getting started. There is a world in desperate need of the Gospel, We desire to reach as many as we can as far as God lets us reach, from next door to across the globe. We also would like to provide resources to charities who are providing for physical needs of those who are in need as well.
How do we get there?
Know, Love, Share
To Know God deeply through the revelation of His word. To Love Him and our neighbors because Christ first loved us. To Share the good news of the gospel as far as God allows us to reach, from next door to across the globe.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Saturday as we gather to worship together at 6:30 pm.